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We simplify the process of measuring roller blinds for you.

Our straightforward and efficient window measuring guide ensures simplicity, and you don't require any expertise. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions!

Before getting started.

What tools do I need for the measurement process?

No additional tools are required. However, you will need a tape measure, a step ladder, and pen and paper.

Do you have an idea of which design complements your window the most?

If you're uncertain about the ideal blind design for your window, there's no need to worry. We will guide you through the options of outside the frame, outside a frameless window, and inside the frame designs before we begin.

Do your windows have a standard size?

If your window falls within the range of 300mm to 3000mm in width and 400mm to 3000mm in height, it is within our standard range. In case it doesn't meet these dimensions, please send us an email, including a photo and the opening dimensions, and we will gladly recommend an alternative solution.

What is the intended mounting surface for your blind?

BlindsforBuilders can be securely attached to various surfaces. However, it is advisable to conduct some research beforehand to determine if you need any additional tools for installation. For more detailed instructions, please refer to our installation guide.

Have you considered the working mechanisms involved?

You might be interested in motorized blinds, which provide a convenient, child-safe, and easily accessible option for opening and closing your blinds effortlessly.

Did someone mention complimentary fabric samples?

Request free fabric samples to visually and tactilely experience our fabric collection. And the best part? We offer free delivery of the samples.

DIY blinds that are specifically designed for their intended purpose

Crafted according to your preferences and custom-fitted for your home, our extensive selection of high-quality blinds and fabrics allows you to effortlessly elevate your living space from mundane to extraordinary!

Outside the window frame (Face fit)

The blinds are positioned outside the window frame and attached to the frame, facing towards you. This installation option is ideal for bedrooms, as it provides effective light-blocking capabilities, significantly reducing the amount of light entering the room. Back-rolling blinds are recommended for this setup. Additionally, a bracket cover can be used to achieve a tidy and polished appearance.

Inside the window frame (Recess fit)

The blinds are installed within the window frame and affixed to the frame itself. This setup is well-suited for living areas, particularly when using light filtering or sheer blinds that allow some natural light into the room. It is important to consider any obstructions or protrusions before choosing between front or back roll blinds. This installation method offers a contemporary and streamlined appearance.

Need to measure for a window without a frame? Don't worry, we have you covered!

Take measurements for your window without a frame.

Now that you have chosen a design, it's time to take measurements!

Take measurements for your made-to-measure blind.

It's a simple process, but we require a few details.
The measurements for the width.
The measurements for the drop.
The measurement of the window frame depth for a blind installed inside the recess.
Determine the preferred side for the chain placement.
The measurement for the chain drop or control height.

Take measurements of the window depth.

For a recess fit blind, please make sure there is a minimum of 50mm clearance between the window glass and the edge of the window frame. Take this into consideration when measuring the window depth.

Take measurements of the window width

Be sure to record your measurements as you proceed

For a recess fit blind, measure the width at the top inside portion of the frame.

For an outside the frame face fit blind, measure the width from one end to the other on the outside of the top portion of the frame.

Take measurements of the window drop or height.

For a face fit blind, measure from the top of the window frame to the desired endpoint of the blind. The drop length can vary depending on whether you prefer the blind to reach the window sill, be positioned above the floor, or match other blinds in the room. The choice is yours!
For a recess fit blind, measure the precise dimensions inside the window frame.

Select the preferred side for the chain placement.

Which side of the window would you like the chain to be on? Please take into consideration the room's design and the ease of access to the chain.
To determine the minimum chain drop, you can use our provided formula.
The minimum chain drop can be calculated using the following formula: (Drop ÷ 2) + 200mm
To determine the minimum chain drop, divide the blind drop by 2, then add 200mm. Round up the result to the nearest chain size.

Take into consideration the rolling direction of your blind.

In which direction would you like your blind to roll?

Back rolling blinds

Back rolling blinds provide convenient access to the chain, which is positioned at the front of the fabric for easy operation.
Back rolling blinds minimize light gaps in a face fit window as the rollers are positioned close to the frame.
Back rolling blinds sit closely to the frame in a recessed window, assisting with insulation.

Front rolling blinds

Front rolling blinds will cover the blind roll and the white backing fabric.
Front rolling blinds are suitable for recessed windows, as they prevent any protrusions inside the frame, such as window winders or bars, from obstructing the blind.

Alternative choices to explore

Take into consideration whether you would like to opt for a motorized roller blind. This choice can enhance both the style and functionality of your blinds.

I would like to measure my window without a frame.

Adjacent to a window without a frame (squarely fitted to the face)

The blinds are positioned beyond the window frame and securely attached to the wall.
They effectively block out a significant amount of incoming light.
It is advisable to use back rolling blinds.
A bracket cover can be added to achieve a tidy and polished appearance.

Take the measurement of the width of the window.

Ensure to measure the full width of the window frame from one end to the other on the outer side. Remember to include a minimum of 70mm additional width for a frameless window (Face fit square set).

Take the measurement of the window drop

Measure from the top of the window frame to the desired endpoint for the blind's frame. The drop measurement may differ based on whether you want the blind to reach the window sill, be positioned above the floor, or align with other window blinds in the room. The choice is yours!
To accommodate a frameless window (Face fit square set), add an additional 70mm to the drop measurement.

Are you prepared to place an order for your personalized blinds?

The challenging part is complete. It's now time to proceed with ordering your tailor-made blinds.

Order Online Now

Here are our helpful suggestions for measuring your custom blinds:

Utilize millimeters (mm) for accurate measurements.
Verify your measurements carefully using a steel measuring tape.
Provide only the specific details we request.
Start by recording the width measurement first to maintain the correct order.
Measure each window individually instead of assuming they are identical.
Avoid relying on house plans for measurements.
If measuring for multiple windows in a house, assign numbers to each window and proceed clockwise to prevent confusion.
Reach out to us if you encounter any difficulties. We are here to guide you throughout the process.

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